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The colour

Brown hair has seen an incredible infusion of tones over the past season. From the infamous French girl brown hair, to caramel and chocolate brown tones, we’re especially excited to say that chocolate brown is continuing to turn heads this Summer, and will do long into Autumn/Winter.









Choosing between dark and milk chocolate tones

Just as you can spend countless minutes picking out your favourite chocolate bar at the supermarket, there are various chocolate hair tones to choose from. Those with natural chestnut brown hair can benefit from deeper brown tones and warm highlights, whereas if your hair is naturally ebony coloured, adding cooler toned highlights will work wonders for you.

Make an appointment us.  As a L’Oreal Professionel expert salon we will be able to assist you in choosing the perfect shade of chocolate brown to suit your natural hair colour, complexion and personality. The amount of time you’ll spend colouring your hair at the salon will depend on your natural hair colour and the condition of your hair. Blondes, you’ll have to go through a more lengthy process of pre-colouring your hair when opting for the chocolate brown look.

Taking extra special care of your chocolate brown hair

As with any new hair colour, it’s extremely important to continue looking after your newly dyed hair even after leaving the salon. Be sure to invest in products that are especially designed to help you maintain your new hair colour. Shampoos and conditioners for brown hair will help you to keep your hair looking chocolatey delicious well into Autumn!

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