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Hair Colour Disaster


Hair disasters happen.  Whether it’s a bad home dye, or a bad salon experience.  But, don’t think the only cure is another bottle of home dye, or an extreme hair cut.  The Colour Correction experts at The Vanilla Room are here to help.

Perhaps the home dye you tried has just not turned out how you expected.  Your may have tried a home balayage or multi tone look and it’s gone all streaky and chunky.  Maybe you’ve visted a hairdresser and are unhappy with the look they’ve given you.  Or, perhaps you have simply changed your mind and want a total colour re-do.

At The Vanilla Room our team of L’Oreal Professionnel & Olaplex colour experts see these kind of hair problems every day (and have done for over 18 years).

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We know from experience that the beginning of any great hair colour starts with an initial consultation – this is how we’re able to fully assess your hair, talk through your wants and needs and advise the best course of action to correct your hair colour disaster.

We pride ourselves on having the most experienced and highly qualified technical colourists in Essex; dedicated to getting your hair back to a healthy condition and with a beautiful colour.

Colour over-haul needed?  Call…

Brentwood – 01277 263360 (Wilsons Corner)

Hornchurch – 01708 452245 (High Street)

Here’s a little more about bespoke colour at The Vanilla Room…


Step 1 – Colour Consultation.

Your hair’s history & condition, as well as your skin tone, lifestyle & the overall look you hope to achieve is discussed. This is the perfect time to share lots of pictures, and tell us everything!  Your chosen Stylist will then advise on any potential challenges and recommend suitable colour and condition enhancing techniques to ensure your new hair colour will suit both you and the haircut you’re wearing.

(Allow 15 minutes – Free of charge)

Step 2 – Hair and Allergy testing.

We don’t allow guess work when it comes to colour.  So, we may require you to have a hair-history strand test before colour work begins. And you will be required to have an anti-allergy skin test at least 48 hours before you start your colour journey with us.

Step 3 – Personal Service.

Your personal Stylist will create your tailored colour journey plan. Helping you to understand how many visits to him/her it might take to achieve your new look, how much it will cost and how often your new colour will require maintenance.


Find your ‘forever Stylist’.  Because the better we know you, the more bespoke, and beautiful your colour becomes.

Drop by one of our colour-specialist Essex salons, or call now to arrange your free colour consultation today.

Brentwood – 01277 263360 (Wilsons Corner)

Hornchurch – 01708 452245 (High Street)

Look forward to seeing you soon.