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5 Secrets to Styling Thinning Hair

Managing female hair loss – the long and short of it

Time and time again we talk to clients who believe that once hair begins thinning, there’s no way back and they’ll have a ‘bad hair day’ every day.  This simply is not the case.  So, we decided to share 5 secrets to improved hair density (plus some handy tips on clever styling):

  1. Early diagnosis is key

Because the more hair you’ve lost, the less likely it is to all grow back.  The most common age for women to begin experiencing hair loss is 25-35, but often this age group ignores early symptoms because they’re either too embarrassed, or too busy to seek help.  Don’t delay ladies.

  1. Regular treatment works

With any regimen designed for thinning hair, consistency is key.  In salon we’ll often prescribe Kérastase Densifique Femme 30-day programme.   Applied daily to dry or towel dried hair at the roots for 3 months.  On tests in salon we’ve found the active ingredients make hair thicker and fuller from roots to end.  By committing to hair improvement, you will reach a phase where regrowth is thicker every day.

  1. Find your perfect cut

Thinning hair will often seem flat and limp, and more extreme symptoms of hair loss may result in some of the scalp showing through between the strands.  So, we asked Hornchurch salon Art Director Rich O’Brien how to make your thin hair appear thicker, even in longer haircuts.

He says, “For all of my ladies living with hair loss the goal is the same.  We want to create an illusion of thickness by maxing texture.   Whilst longer hair styles won’t work on extreme hair loss, it is possible to maintain length for less visible loss, and a ‘shaggy’ style, with plenty of movement works best here for gaining body.  For ladies with more pronounced hair shedding, a shorter, layered style is usually best. As even with insufficient hair thickness, a cleverly adapted cut can still improve density.”

  1. Colour Illusion

Alongside an ingenious cut, colour also plays a key role in boosting the illusion of density.  Not sure about the on-trend balayage colour?  You might change your mind when we tell you that darker roots, set against lighter hair instantly gives an illusion of density.  Partner with choppy layers and you have an instant volume boost.

  1. Style thinning hair for volume

There are lots of tips and tricks we share with clients living with hair loss.   Helping them to take care of the hair they do have, and style for density.  Here’s just a few:

  • Treat your scalp daily. Client’s go back time and time again to Kerasate Initialiste scalp treatment.  Just a few drops each day begins to grow denser, better quality locks.
  • Shampoo professionally. There are lots of shampoo and conditioning ranges for thinning hair (don’t confuse with fine hair, they are totally different).  But, our constant go to is from Kerastase.   Densifique Bain Densite shampoo is incredible, and used alongside the Masque Densite the stemoxydine ingredient gives clients fuller looking hair that also feels more resilient.
  • Use product. Thinning hair needs help.  This is where the right product can make a huge difference to the end result.  The key is not to weigh the hair down so you need to opt for a light-weight, but powerful product.  In salon we opt for either Kersatase Lift Vertige a root-uplifting gel. Or the ever popular L’Oreal Professionnel Volume Architect a hard to beat, blow-dry lotion.
  • Style, LIKE YOU MEAN IT. Ladies with thinning hair should blow-dry to give it more oomph and volume. Don’t be afraid to rough it up a little with your fingers, get some guts into the root until it is almost dry.  This bring movement.  Finish with a round, soft bristle brush, lifting and shaping where you need most volume.  Think height on the crown.   We’re always more than happy to provide a mini demo in salon for clients, and make sure you’re super confident styling yourself at home.

Share this article with your friends.  Because, did you know that roughly one in four women have thinning hair.  A figure that’s perhaps higher than you might expect?

Why does your hair shed?

There are many reasons why female hair begins shedding.  A recent Marie-Claire article explained it very clearly as all things from stress to chemotherapy.  But, as it also explained, 90 percent of hair loss is genetic and needs to be treated with medication. It can also be a sign of a thyroid disorder, possibly mild hypothyroidism and so you should always consult your doctor.

Feel good about yourself

As professional hair stylists, we’re here to help once a medical diagnosis has been made.  To support clients.  Helping them to find the best way to manage their hair loss, and find a route to hair improvement.  We do this through a combination of scalp treatment, professional products, cut, colour and styling.

We hope this blog has helped.  Armed with the tricks and tools to boost your hair’s body and style like a pro!

See you in salon soon