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5 important things to discuss with your hairdresser before they style your hair

If you’re investing in professional salon hair, you want to be totally in love with the end result.  And rightly so!

That’s why we’ve created this 5 point go-to guide.  To make sure that you never again experience post-haircut traumatic stress issues.  The key is discussing with with your hairdresser before going in for the chop!











1. Communication is the Key

Contrary to popular belief, hairdressers aren’t mind readers. The best thing you can do for you and your hair, is to be clear and specific about what it is you want to achieve with your new look. If you’re thinking of going for a dramatic new do, but you have doubts about it, tell your hairdresser. If you can’t quite explain what you’ve got in mind, bring in some sample pictures to show your hairdresser examples of the look you’re going for. Go online and research key hairdresser terms, such as ombre, pixie cut and blunt fringe, to help you to better explain what it is you’re hoping to achieve with your look.

2. How do you wear your hair?

It’s just as important for your hairdresser to know how you normally style your hair. Do you straighten or curl your hair? Are you a side or middle parting kind of girl? Do you wear your hair up often? Do you even have enough time on your hands to style your hair on a daily basis? Giving insight to your hairdresser on how you regularly style your hair will help them to assist you in caring for your new hairdo.

3. What’s your haircare routine?

Relaying the basics of your haircare routine to your hairdresser will help them suggested in-salon treatments that in turn will help you to maintain healthier looking hair. Do you wash your hair everyday? How often do you condition your hair? Are you a hot tool junkie? So much can be said from your personal haircare routine.

4. Discuss your last salon appointment

Speak to your hairdresser about your last salon appointment and what was done to your hair. If you recently had your hair coloured, whether at the salon, or at home, it’s important to let your hairdresser know in advance so they can take the necessary precautions if they plan on applying colour to your hair.

5. It’s perfectly okay to ask questions

How many times have you been to the salon, had the most perfect haircut ever and then found it impossible to recreate the look at home the following day? It’s smart thinking to ask your hairdresser questions about hairstyling techniques, specific products used and style maintenance. That way you’ll be able to recreate your look at home until you schedule your next salon appointment.


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